Parklane Gallery is open 11-7 on Tuesday - Sunday and 12-8 on Friday. The gallery is located at 130 Park Lane in Kirkland and participates in Kirkland's Second Friday ArtWalk.

The gallery is owned and operated by local artists. If you would like to become a member artist, fill out our online application form.

February Featured Artists:
Ann Gan and Larey McDaniel

Ann Gan presents "World of Ink and Color (水墨世界)", an exhibition of Chinese painting scenes of nature using Ink and color.

Larey McDaniel presents "Local Color", an exhibition of photographic landscapes captured in and around the greater Kirkland area.

The artist reception and Kirkland ArtWalk will take place Friday February 13th between 6 and 8 pm.

2015 International Juried Miniature Show
Parklane Gallery welcomes miniaturists from across the country and around the world to enter our 23rd Annual International Miniature Show - April 28 to May 31, 2015. Download the show prospectus or send an email to for more information.

Through January
Featured 3D Artist: Mike O'Day


Dustin Bogue has become an active gallery artist since his juried acceptance into Parklane in October 2014.

Dustin Bogue comes from a long line of artists and masters of their respective crafts.  Showing consistent devotion to art from an early age, he has developed a fondness for contrast and captivation, which are the heart and foundation of all his work; manifesting artistic ideas has always been instinctive for him.

Working in oils, Dustin often uses some muted colors on his palette, yet his work appears so vividly dominant due to neighboring complementary hues.

My goal with each painting is to convey my life’s artistic evolution. Whether someone is seeing my work from a distance or a sneeze away, I want there to be an attraction: To me, details are just as important as the main “vue."

Over the years, Dustin has received several awards.  His art has appeared on the covers of multiple nationwide magazines;

in addition, occasional stories about his work have been featured in various reputable publications and by television broadcasts, such as on KOMO4 and KING5.

Dustin feels dedicated to his relationships within the art community and with his family and friends.

Painting to me is a retreat away from everyday hassles. It’s freedom to be calm, and an invitation to peace. The feeling I get after each painting is overwhelming because I have achieved something so distinct. To some, it might be a painting. But to me it’s something rare, something that happens once. I’m creating something that is a translation of life and reality from my perception which I hope will also bring fulfillment to others.

Before I begin my paintings, I reflect on occurrences that happen in life and to the society. I begin a piece by mixing a couple of colors starting in the middle, and branching out from there.  I generally use-muted tones, if not black and white with hints of color to establish environmental surroundings that unify the object in each installation. 

As you will notice, all my paintings have some resemblance to water—from liquid, solid, to vapor: Water to me is the symbol of life. Water is essential to our very existence, which is why the symbolism is so significant to me. I use the imagery of water, in all of my paintings, to signify existence, motion, etc. to give added layers of perspective in our daily lives.

Parklane Gallery Artists at Goose Ridge Winery

View art by Parklane Artists Nancy Bradley, Gail Martinez and Lois Haskell and enjoy a little wine at the Goose Ridge Winery, 14450 Woodinville-Redmond Road in Woodinville. Goose Ridge Vineyards and Estate Winery is a family-owned and operated vineyard and winery dedicated to limited production, handcrafted wines from select, estate-grown grapes. Open Monday-Saturday 11-6 and 12-6 on Sundays.

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Ann Gan
Sunset of Danshui
Larey McDaniel
Marina Park Pavilion

Dustin Bogue

Gary Hamburgh
Winn Road Barn in the Snow

Rachel Muller
Into the Garden

Nancy Bradley
Tuscan Morning

Marne Jensen
Horizon II
Lois Haskell
Sequim Lavender


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