Parklane Gallery welcomes artists
from across the country and around the world to our
22nd Annual International Juried Miniature Show

April 29 through June 1, 2014
Artists' Reception and Awards Friday May 9 5-8 pm

Images from the Miniature Show may be seen here

Guidelines as set by the Association of Miniature Artists:

  • Minute in scale vs. life sized. For practicality following the general 1/6th scale for work sent to formal miniature exhibitions and shows.
  • Delicate and painstaking technique that withstands magnification.
  • Small in format and size: 25 inches or less for surface area. Sculpture should fit inside an eight inch cube including the base.
  • High in quality. The work should exemplify Fine Art ~ demonstrating a mastery of composition, color, values etc.

This year's juror is Jennifer Bowman

Jennifer is a third generation artist and winner of the coveted Skagit Valley Tulip, Edmonds Arts and the Anacortes Arts Festival Posters. Her work can be found in both private and corporate collections locally and internationally.
Jennifer has won a plethora of awards and recently her work has been added to The Instanbul Metropolitan Municipality Tulip Museum in Turkey.

See more of Jennifer's work on her website at


  • Best of Show $500
  • 1st Place $300
  • 2nd Place $200
  • President's Award $100
  • Juror's Award $50
  • Numerous Sponsor Awards


  • April 29: First day of show
  • May 9: Reception & Awards, 5-8pm
  • May 10-11: Kirkland Artists Studio Tour
  • June 1: Last day of show
  • June 3-8: Customers may pick up purchased art


In February Linda Rossin had the honor of being asked by the American Egg Board to create The First Lady Commemorative Egg for 2014. The only criteria was that the theme be tied to the White House’s Annual Easter Egg Roll and a real chicken egg be used. As a painter of fine art miniatures this challenging project of working on a delicate blown-out eggshell took nearly two months to prepare, design, and paint her miniature scenes of the White House, bunnies, chicks, Bo - the First Family’s Portuguese water dog, abundant colorful eggs, and children delighting in the joys of Easter on the South Lawn. The elegant base on which the egg rests was also meticulously designed and constructed by Linda.

Although this may not be the only “painted” egg ever presented to a First Lady, it is the first Mrs. Obama has received. The 37th Commemorative Egg was presented to First Lady Michelle Obama on behalf of America’s egg farmers by AEB Chairman Paul Sauder and and President & CEO Joanne Ivy, on Monday, April 21st at the 136th White House Easter Egg Roll. President Obama attended the presentation.

Linda Rossin's Painting, "Canyon Gold" won the Best of Show Award at Parklane Gallery's 2014 International Juried Miniature Show

Thanks to our Sponsors whose donations have contributed so much to the success of this exhibition:

Parklane Gallery thanks the following artists for participating in the 2014 International Juried Miniature Show:

Beverly Abbott - VA
Roger Baker - WA
Eileen Bass - S AFRICA
Hilda Bordianu - WA
Theresa Bordianu - WA
Anne-Marie Brown - WA
Elizabeth Brown - UK
Valencia Carroll - WA
Ginger Carter - WA
Debra Cepeda - WA
Gini Chase - WA
Raymonde Chavoor - VA
Wayne Chunat - FL
Jean Cook - KS
Diane Czajkowski - PA
Debi Davis - NC
Viviane De Kosinsky - VA
Leonora De Lange - S AFRICA
Darlene Dihel - WA
Hoda Edalati - WA
Judith Edgington Bayes - FL
Behzad Fallahi - IRAN
Beverly Fotheringham - WA
Rita Frank - OR
Nancy Garcia - VA
Rosemary Gilbert Bell - OR
Elaine Hahn - FL
Christie Hammond - WA
Lois Haskell - WA
Lyla Jacobsen - WA
Shirley James - CA
Kimberly Jansen MAA - MN
Lisa Kaplan - WA
Debra Keirce - VA
Susan Kern - MO
Janice Knoll - MI
Ann Kromer - CT
Dan Ladnicer - MD
Janet Laird-Lagassee - ME
Judy Lalingo - MD
Tanya Nguyen Lambert - WA
Linda Lawler - VA
Lena Leitzke - WA
Gail MacArgel - MO
Elaine Mahler - WA
Gail Martinez - WA
Elizabeth McDevitt - WA
Betsy McLoughlin - CO
Eileen Miryecta - WA
Pamela Mitchell - WA
Brenda Morgan - AR
Karin Morris - WA
Rita Nicoll - WA
Gunni Nilsson Price - FL
Janie Olsen - WA
Ebb Pate - WA
Louise Peeples - WA
Kathleen Pollak - FL
Conni Reinecke - WA
Nancy Rood - WA
Heidi Rose - WA
Ted Rosen - NY
Linda Rossin - NJ
Angela Santos - FL
Mary Serfass - PA
Elinor Sethman - CA
Rachelle Siegrist - TN
Adrienne Anderson-Smith - WA
Narissa Steel - MD
Janyce Sukow - WA
Catherine Swerediuk - FL
Eszter Szocs - ROMANIA
Wayne Waldron - IN
Sue Wall - NY
Donna Wallace - WA
Akiko Watanabe - CA
Sandra Willard - IL
Valerie Wolf - CA
Cynthia Yatchman - WA

Questions? If you need additional information or have questions, please contact Parklane Gallery by emailing:


Parklane's Annual
International Miniature Show

Linda Rossin
Canyon Gold
Best in Show

Lenora De Lange
Africa's Big Five
1st Place

Elaine Hahn
Ginger Gar & Shells
2nd Place

Lena Leitzke
West Ukraine LVIV
Hoben Art Materials Award

Akiko Watanabe
Amgel Light #2
Cheap Joe's Award

Linda Lawler
Vanitas #3
Source Tek Award
Debra Keirce
Artist & Craftsman Award
Janet Laird Legassee
A Real Pair
Gamblin Artists Oil Award
Kimberly Jansen
Meerkat Moment
President's Award
Sandra Willard
Silver & Tulips
Bowman Juror's Award
Hilda Bordianu
Backyard Gossip
Tulip Town Award
Wayne Waldron
Jug, Jar & Blanket
Honorable Mention
Brenda Morgan
Blue Skies
Honorable Mention
Janice Knoll
Strawberry Swirl
Honorable Mention
Beverly Abbott
A Gathering of Pelicans
Honorable Mention
Judith Edgington Bayes
Nature's Canvas II
Honorable Mention
Elaine Hahn
Sunset in the Trees
Honorable Mention
Gini Chase
Honorable Mention

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